Face book fans for Business There are many ways to get facebook likes and face book fans for the face book page. There are three types of face book advertisements like sponsored stories-page post like story, sponsored stories –page like story, and face book ads. You will be able to sponsor the story only after two or three weeks after creating the face book fan page. You can go to the other fan pages of your niche and start liking the pages, make valid comments so that they can do the same for your web page. Choose a website that offers the quality and active face book fans having lot of friends. Some websites provide money back guarantee plan and they must not use any kind of bots. And they are available at affordable costs. There are many benefits for buying the targeted facebook fans like increase in page activity; you get more sales and profit etc… The face book fan page has the unique landing page for the non fans and with the help of this you can directly approach the non fans and request them to like the page. For this you can provide some schemes and offers in your face book page so that more number of visitors are attracted towards your website. There is a discussion column in the face book web page and with the help of this feature you can discuss with the people and get the feed backs and reviews. The targeted face book likes brings the specific people required for your business.